Allison Gustin

Marketing Strategy Leader

Allison Gustin thrives on the challenge of the unknown and the power of asking the right questions. For more than 10 years, Allison has used her deep drive to connect with others as the motivator to create communication pathways that authentically connect people and businesses together. 

As the owner of Gustin Consulting, Allison works daily with clients to build meaningful, genuine connection with their ideal customers. Her business experience includes marketing for automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, industrial automation, mission critical, speaking, events, and non-profit industries.

 Allison earned an MBA through the Butler University Lacy School of Business with a concentration in leadership and a B.S. in Public Relations from Ball State University.

 One of Allison’s proudest work accomplishments is creating, producing, and directing Word Wizards, a children’s literacy program developed for public radio. Her most impactful work experience came when she was 22 years old and led a group of 50 strangers from the United States and Canada to Israel and Jordan. Allison enjoys backpacking with her husband, Kolby, and having new adventures with their 3 kids.   

“The Catalyst Effect’s proven and targeted approach at honing leadership skills is a gift to people in all levels of an organization. The ability to harness your own drive and passion to better empower others will change the face of business, and our culture. It’s not just a leadership movement. It’s a human movement.”