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Resilience and Strength: An Interview with Amanda Legler

The Catalytic Corner Interview Featuring: Amanda Legler “No I cannot forget where it is that I come fromI cannot forget the people who love meYeah, I can be myself here in this small townAnd people let me be just what I want to be”   (I Was Born In A) Small Town. John...

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Impacting Lives: An Interview with Ryan McFarland

Catalytic Corner Interview Featuring: Ryan McFarland  Equipping Kids with Skills That Will Last a Lifetime Ryan, describe your journey so far; how you got to where you are today? I’m very grateful to be where I am today in my life. It’s funny how everything eventually...

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A Life Led by Passion: An Interview with Mike Abrams

Catalytic Corner Interview   Featuring: Mike Abrams                       An Enduring Passion:  From the Ice to the Conference Room   What is your role at Google? I lead a team of strategists who focus on helping multi-channel and consumer branded goods companies...

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