Kristina Rhodes

Senior Consultant

Kristina has spent the last 16 years working in government and currently serves as the Assistant Deputy Director of Staff Development. She is a firm believer that you cannot be an effective leader until you know who you are and what you want out of your leadership. Leadership is more than just being able to hit a metric or being good at your previous role. It is understanding that leadership is a lifelong journey of learning, application, and growth. Kristina has successfully built multidisciplinary and cross functional teams and task forces to help to break down silos, enhance innovation, and streamline processes. She built an effective Leadership Academy for Supervisors that saw a 100% positive impact on participants leadership due to actively engaging in the academy per their direct leaders. Since the rebuild, the Academy has seen 30% increase in applications for admittance that focused on increasing diversity within the academy by creating more inclusive marketing and selection processes. She also researches, designs, and facilitates learning for participants to meet their individual level of need; and incorporates learning according to best practices for the adult learner. As a Leadership Advisor, Kristina coached and consulted executive leaders on strategic planning, organizational development, change management, and enhancing their leadership capacity. Kristina has worked with human and social service industries, legal departments, entrepreneurs, and other government agencies.

Kristina is a certified Executive Coach, Organizational Development Coach and Neurolinguistic Practitioner by an ICF accredited program. Kristina holds bachelor’s degrees in psychology and Sociology with a concentration in French. She has served in various leadership roles and functions within her career and community.

In her spare time, Kristina is working on her ACC credentials through the ICF and her Executive MBA in pursuits of continuous improvement. She is the mother of two toddlers, Liam and Lina, and a wife. She will laughingly tell you that toddlers will really grow and stretch your leadership skills if you look through parenting in that lens. Compassionate communication, effective listening, negotiation strategies and accountability are just a few of many skills that you can continually practice and if you can get it right with toddlers, you are on your way to honing some exemplary leadership skills that can be used within your career.

“Being a catalyst is a foundational leadership quality. A true leader always goes first and actively seeks ways to push those they serve to action. The role of leader speaks to the ability to create psychologically safe environments that gives way to a learning culture for their teams and organization. The space crafted by this type of leader is one that leverages diversity, is intentionally inclusive, increases innovation, and enhances collaboration; because everyone around this person is leveling up, not just the leader.”