A great solution to the wrong problem is a waste of time and resources.

People Strategy Insights™ identifies where to focus your time and energy to get the results you need.




People Strategy Insights™ 

The People Strategy Insights™ (PSI) model provides a framework for examining an organization’s current practices within 5 areas necessary to drive the Business Strategy & Mission/Vision/Values and organizational success:

          • Organizational Structure
          • Leadership Effectiveness
          • People Processes
          • Organizational Culture
          • Employee Experience

People Strategy Insights™ is comprised of:

Foundational Awareness and Alignment

Six questions measuring consistency in the leadership team’s awareness regarding strategies and key measures. 

Performance & Importance Ratings 

Captures respondents’ ratings of 37 items on two dimensions:

Performance (“this is true of our organization”) 

Importance (“this is important to our organization’s success”)

Open Ended Questions

Solicits anonymous comments around the strengths, opportunities, and suggestions relating to people processes in the organization.