Develop yourself and your team to

Lead From Wherever You Are™ 

Our coaches are certified to deliver custom leadership coaching. We’ll create your road map to develop Catalytic leadership at every level for you and your organization.




Professional, expert coaches for every level of individual

Our highly experienced team of coaches have numerous certifications, decades of combined coaching experience, and certifications in a wide range of assessment and feedback tools that work well as stand alone tools or in tandem with action360™ powered by The Catalyst Effect.

Real data on how you are perceived

Personalized Action Plans

A Foundation for Growth

A Fun & Interactive Process

Our Coaching and Assessment Philosophy

We pair our research-based, proven core surveys with leading edge tools and frameworks for a customized approach to powerful, positive change. Whether your needs are as an indivdual, a company, or an executive, we have the tools to build on your strengths and develop your Catalystic leadership.

We believe:

  • Action planning is key to maximizing learning and development investments.
  • Individuals achieve high impact results when they are guided through self – discovery as part of any feedback and development process.
  • Therefore, we believe that every individual deserves a certified, professional coach to guide them. Our certified coaches are among the best in the industry.
  • A coach helps participants maximize their learning and action planning following action360™™ process.
  • Participants also benefit during their learning and growth through peer coaching groups.
  • Our coaches use a variety of tools and assessments both in collaboration with the CE Assessment™ and as stand alone insights.


With The Catalyst Effect’s research-based core assessments, we’ll help you gauge how your strengths and gaps are perceived today.


Whether your needs are for an individual, company or team, we’ll come alongside you and build a roadmap to Lead From Wherever You Are™


As you apply the road map, we’ll stay with you and provide personalized recommended actions that are practical and measurable to ensure you stay on track.

“I loved the action360™ assessment and the feedback I received. I’m surprised that I got so many good ideas in such a short amount of time.”

— Workshop Participant