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“I loved the Assessment™ and the feedback I received. I’m surprised that I got so many good ideas in such a short amount of time.”

— Workshop Participant

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this just for individuals or can teams take the Assessment™?
Both. Because teams are comprised of individuals, it’s important to administer the Assessment™ at the individual level, however, team summary reports and customized team workshops are available.
Who should take this Assessment™?
The Catalyst Effect Multi-Rater Assessment™ is designed for anyone who wishes to gain candid feedback and development recommendations regarding how they can work most effectively with others in a team setting.

The “soft skills” in the assessment (i.e. the observable behaviors that underpin the Catalytic Competencies) are critical to the success of both individual contributors and formal leaders of both intact and project teams.

Is this a leadership assessment?
Yes – and you do not need a formal leadership title to Lead From Wherever You Are ©

The 12 Competencies are comprised of behaviors that are crucial to performing effectively in collaboration with others. These behaviors underpin the important skills that leaders at all levels bring to their organizations.

How long does the Assessment™ take to complete?
The Assessment™ will take approximately 10–15 minutes to complete and your progress can be saved so that you can complete it in multiple sittings.
Is the feedback provided by raters anonymously?
The ratings and comments of “Self” or “Manager” are clearly identifiable in the Assessment™ report. All other raters’ feedback is grouped/summarized and is not identified by name.
Is the data confidential?

Yes, unless you share your results with others, you are the only person who will receive the Assessment™ summary data. You may choose to share your feedback with a peer, or peers, your coach, or your manager.

If you are completing the Assessment™ as part of a team initiative, you may agree upfront to provide your results or certain portions of your results, to other team members.

Demographic information requested at the beginning of the Assessment™ is used for research purposes.

Is the Assessment™ available in other languages?

The Assessment™ is currently available in English. There are plans to translate the assessment into Mandarin, Spanish and other languages based on demand.

How many raters can I have?

We recommend that participants have a minimum of 3-4 Peer/Other raters and a maximum of 10-12.

This is in addition to “Self” and “Manager”.

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