Learn to Lead From Wherever You Are

In The Catalyst Effect Workshop, you will learn to apply the Catalyst Effect model and design your personal roadmap to successfully Lead From Wherever You Are™ regardless of your position or title in the organization.

The Catalyst Effect Workshop isn’t your typical learning experience. Led by facilitators who have real world business experience and highly interactive in nature, The Catalyst Effect Workshop leaves participants with more than just theory – it roots them in application of the principles, demands action without delay, and instills a sense of excitement for what is next, leading from wherever they are.

Included in this highly interactive experience:

  • The Why and How of Catalytic Leadership, examining the topic of leadership from an inclusive perspective.

  • The 4 Cornerstones and 12 Catalytic Competencies core to leading from wherever you are — including the field research conducted in business, sports, and not-for-profit organizations.
  • An assessment of the 12 Catalytic Competencies as well as recommendations for your personal application and development.


Workshop Testimonals

“The Catalyst Effect Workshop helped me discover ways that I can make myself and others better and bring more value both in and outside of work. And it was presented in a very creative and interactive way.”

Talent & Performance Leader

Fortune 50 Company

“The Catalyst Workshop was everything I needed and more! It allowed me to dig deeper into who I am as a leader, while exploring avenues to become more catalytic in my place of work and in life. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone seeking professional development that goes beyond expectations.”

Harm Prevention Specialist

Nonprofit Women's Development and Leadership Organization

“The Catalyst Effect Workshop provided me with simple, creative, and effective ways of becoming a better leader. The workshop facilitators took a fun and refreshing approach to teaching the fundamentals of the Catalyst Effect providing an invaluable experience.”

Senior Manager

Public Accounting Firm

“The Catalyst Effect concepts profoundly impacted my clinical experience. You delivered the message that if I want to be a leader, ‘my interview started yesterday’! …thank you for presenting such essential concepts.”

Doctoral student

Rehabilitation Therapy

“I loved the assessment and the feedback I received. I’m surprised that I got so many good ideas in such a short amount of time.”

Workshop Participant, April 2019

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