Data that Transforms Clients into Catalysts

Your clients can be Catalysts at every level. You can help make it happen.

action360™ powered by The Catalyst Effect

Catalysts think and act differently. Their teams are more engaged and their impact on results can be exponential. These traits are not born – they’re learned. Using a mix of Developmental Feedback and Self-Discovery, your clients can unlock what it takes to become a Catalyst.

See How Your Clients Show Up

Focused, Personalized Reflection

Developmental Feedback from Raters

Guided Action Planning

Your Powerful Advantage as a Coach

Best Place to Grow

See How They Show Up

The action360‘s visual outputs give you ready content to help your clients understand how they show up to others. In addition, the 12 Core Competencies of Catalytic Leadership™ pair with other personality and behavioral assessments to provide a more complete picture of their leadership potential.

Engage Employees

Focused Reflection

People create stronger long-term results when guided through self-discovery by feedback and coaching. The report’s output includes customized questions and personalized prompts to help build a client’s action plan and implementation process to ensure their success. This guided process of reflection is a critical step between discovery and action.

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