Leadership isn’t about title or authority…

It’s about making everyone around you better.




The Catalyst Effect Model

A Catalyst is someone who thinks differently. In addition to doing their jobs well, they look at the bigger picture. In sports, they think like a  coach. In business , they think like an executive. In a music ensemble, they focus on how the entire group sounds and how each player contributes to delighting the audience. They think like a conductor. 

No matter what realm they are in, Catalysts think beyond their immediate role to ensure what they do is aligned with the overall strategy. What becomes possible with an entire team of Catalysts motivated to making an impact?

A Research-Based Approach

The world is changing and it’s changing fast. Leadership at all levels must keep pace.

The Catalyst Effect model and competencies are based on in-depth grounded theory-based research via interviews with top performers in three major sectors:  business, sports and the arts.

We found that being a catalytic leader or catalytic teammate has little to do with official authority and everything to do with behaviors that inspire and enrich the performance of the entire group.

But being a Catalyst isn’t born. It’s learned. Anyone can learn these skills. Anyone can become a Catalyst.

How The Catalyst Effect Workshop Has Transformed Others

“The Catalyst Effect Workshop helped me discover ways that I can make myself and others better and bring more value both in and outside of work. And it was presented in a very creative and interactive way.”

Talent and Performance Leader

Fortune 50 Company

“The Catalyst Effect Workshop was everything I needed and more! It allowed me to dig deeper into who I am as a leader while exploring avenues to become more catalytic in my place of work and in life. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone seeking professional development that goes beyond expectations.”

Harm Prevention Specialist

Nonprofit Women’s Development and Leadership Organization

“The Catalyst Effect Workshop provided me with simple, creative, and effective ways of becoming a better leader. The facilitators took a fun and refreshing approach to teaching the fundamentals of the Catalyst Effect providing an invaluable experience.”

Senior Manager

Public Accounting Firm

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