Jerry Toomer

Senior Consultant and Partner

Jerry is dedicated to developing leadership and organization solutions that link individual executive effectiveness to team and organizational performance. He brings that expertise and experience to his applied work at The Catalyst Effect, LLC and to Butler University’s MBA program.

For over 30 years as a Human Resources Executive, Change Agent, Educator, and Psychologist, Jerry has effectively worked with a wide range of individuals and teams to achieve their professional and personal goals in both mid-sized and larger organizations.

He worked in the business sector with Dow Chemical and Dow AgroSciences, where he held numerous leadership positions in Human Resources, both in the US and Asia (Hong Kong). As a trusted advisor and coach to executive leadership, Jerry demonstrated an accomplished understanding of key business, human capital, and shareholder value drivers.

Jerry’s academic credentials include a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Iowa. He was also named a “Diplomate in Counseling Psychology,” the highest professional certification, by the American Board of Professional Psychology. His highly regarded leadership book, The Catalyst Effect, was published in early 2018 by Emerald Publishing.

Jerry enjoys all things related to music, basketball and on occasion, golf, depending on the day and my putting success. And, most importantly, he delights in being a grandparent.

“My work at The Catalyst Effect is a culmination of leadership and human capital consulting experiences across a wide range of organizations. It is inspired by the strong belief that leadership takes place at all levels of an organization, that catalytic leadership skills are identifiable and trainable, and that our assessment, coaching, and consulting tools can make a significant difference in the lives of individual contributors and leaders!”