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Our team of certified coaches delivers customized leadership design and facilitation that identify actionable steps to enhance Catalytic leadership at every level of your organization.




Everyone can be a Catalyst when given the tools to grow.

We know that you want everyone in your organization to make a difference every single day. In order to achieve that, you need a strategy to develop your people. The problem is you’ve tried many approaches in the past that didn’t work. You know you need a great framework, but aren’t sure where to start, which leaves you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

As former organizational leaders and top HR executives, we have been where you are today. We understand how you feel which is why we used those experiences, along with extensive research, to create The Catalyst Effect framework to help leaders just like you.

We are ready to help you begin to develop your people and build a team of catalytic leaders! Let’s get started!

Real data on how team members are perceived

A personalized action plan for every person on the team

A Foundation for Growth

A Fun & Interactive Experience

Development Beyond Expectations

Behavioral Assessment

Your style is nice to know. Your behaviors you can do something about! Get specific recommendations on how to lead, regardless of your title or position.

Learn From the Best

Our facilitators are business leaders who leverage their real-world experience at the highest levels of organizations to lead fun, interactive, and actionable workshops.

A Proven Framework

Learn how to implement the Catalyst Effect Framework, proven through extensive field research and practical application, to help you reach your greatest potential and make everyone around you better.

How The Workshop Has Transformed Others

“The Catalyst Effect Workshop helped me discover ways that I can make myself and others better and bring more value both in and outside of work. And it was presented in a very creative and interactive way.”

Talent and Performance Leader

Fortune 50 Company

“The Catalyst Effect Workshop was everything I needed and more! It allowed me to dig deeper into who I am as a leader while exploring avenues to become more catalytic in my place of work and in life. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone seeking professional development that goes beyond expectations.”

Harm Prevention Specialist

Nonprofit Women’s Development and Leadership Organization

“The Catalyst Effect Workshop provided me with simple, creative, and effective ways of becoming a better leader. The facilitators took a fun and refreshing approach to teaching the fundamentals of the Catalyst Effect providing an invaluable experience.”

Senior Manager

Public Accounting Firm

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