The Catalyst Effect

12 Skills and Behaviors to Boost Your Impact and Elevate Team Performance

Jerry Toomer, Craig Caldwell, Steve Weitzenkorn, Chelsea Clark

“The best leaders and colleagues have something in common: they make everyone around them better. This is a hands-on playbook for building that capability in your team.”

Adam Grant
New York Times bestselling author of GIVE AND TAKE, ORIGINALS, and OPTION B

The Catalyst Effect


Narrated by co-author Jerry Toomer

Inside the Cover

Have you ever known colleagues who, the minute they stepped into the conference room, on stage, or onto the playing field, elevated the performance around them? Someone whose impact within the team could be seen nearly everything that was said and done.

These individuals are catalysts – they spark excellence in the behavior and the performance of the entire team.

The Catalyst Effect identifies the behaviors and skills needed to lead from wherever you are, regardless of your role or title. It describes powerful leadership and teamwork principles – that will elevate the performance of individuals, teams, and your entire organization.

This essential guide will show you how to learn and practice these catalytic competencies and help your group and organization achieve greater success, improve team dynamics, and help teammates grow in stature while magnifying their value.

Praise for The Catalyst Effect

“I truly love the ideas in the book. Thoroughly researched and full of practical suggestions, The Catalyst Effect lights the path for every person in every organization to see themselves as leaders. It shows us that everyone is a leader and can get better at leading, if they recognize that truth.”

Angela Duckworth &
Christopher H. Browne

Founder and CEO at Character Lab & Distinguished professor of psychology, and bestselling author of GRIT

“[The Catalyst Effect] book and leadership concept has really taken fire with my staff. My organization has about 50 employees and many of them are early in their professional careers. Even though they are young, I need them all to lead from where they are and to see themselves as leaders. The Catalyst Effect is helping us to change this aspect of our culture.”

KJ Abernathy
Amazon Review

“This wonderful new book, The Catalyst Effect, cuts straight to the chase on what it takes to be a true leader through collective trust and empowerment. When one chooses to give up their own personal victory for the progression of the team, the results are powerful and real. This book shows you how. A superbly inspiring read!”

Stephen M. R. Covey
The New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The SPEED of Trust and coauthor of Smart Trust

“[The Catalyst Effect] has relevance to so many aspects of life; work, sports teams, volunteer groups, etc. Not only is the premise of this book novel and unique, but the way that the book provides real-life examples that I could relate to made it interesting and engaging. It contains information on both the “what” and the “how” to help the reader become catalysts for the people and the groups they work with. Great read and important book!”

Bettye Ellison
Amazon Review

“What is important is not a formal title, but how you impact your teams and your organization as a catalyst from wherever you are. The authors skillfully blend real life examples from business, sports and not for profit organizations with sound research in a highly readable manner. You will learn the “why, what and how” of being a catalytic leader. This is a highly valuable book for professionals and leaders at all levels who work in teams across different settings and cultures!”

Julie Fasone-Holder
CEO JFH Insights, Independent Board Member, Retired SVP Dow Chemical

“Highly performing organizations whether business, non-profit, faith-based, or government, share a common “Secret Sauce” or “Catalyst” for success: Excellence in Team Performance. Transformative, value and results-driven, consumer-focused organizations recognize that leadership and teamwork are synthesized or “fused” together resulting in shared strategic vision and operational delivery. The Catalyst Effect is a research-based book that identifies the “secret sauce” and provides an easy to understand roadmap for success. I highly recommend this book for all. You are part of a team and we all want our home team to win!”

The Honorable Dr. Stephen L. Johnson
11th Administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency

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